Celebrate Recovery

The Recovery Commission encourages all congregations of the Diocese of Nebraska to set aside a Sunday each year to Celebrate Recovery.

 Addiction is one of the most powerful of the evils that corrupt and destroy the creatures of God.  Combating it was once hopeless.  Now, however, with “tough love,” millions recover from addictions to alcohol and drugs, crises and chaos, gambling and overeating, sex and shame.

 The great majority of successful stories of recovery are stories of surrender to God, renewed personal responsibility, and continuing spiritual growth.  The pattern for the spirituality of recovery groups—often called “The Twelve Steps”—are drawn from the Benedictine Spirituality of the Western Church.  The pattern of recovery stories is found in the Christian Eucharist.

 Some designate a Sunday in April, which is Alcohol Awareness Month; others would rather address a broader spectrum than simply alcohol addiction.  It is best if your parish gives some careful consideration to both when and how you want to Celebrate Recovery with a “Recovery Sunday.”

 We are happy to have you contact us for any help we might offer you as you plan and conduct a Celebration of Recovery. 


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